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Chapter 62: Dr. Cara Augustenborg

September 3, 2016

This week on the award winning WTSpod Danny & Mero had the pleasure of welcoming climate scientist, lecturer and current Chairperson of Friends of Earth Ireland, "The Verdant Yank", Dr. Cara Augustenborg. 

Climate change is arguably the biggest challenge facing humans in the history of our existence - and yet, there are still a number of people who dedicate time, money and energy to denying what 97% of scientists agree on.Its happening, and humans are the driving force. 

Climate Change is accelerating at an alarming rate with some predictions claiming that summers in the Arctic will be ice free within a few years, but sometimes the arguments can be very heavy and laden with technical talk that is mind bending. With that in mind Dr, Cara tries to simplify it all and look at the problem through the simple minds of two lads from Ballybrack that like spicebags and cans of fanta.